Need a Google Street View Tour of Your Business?

Make Your Store Front Stand Out!

Currently, people are not looking around as much as they used to. Since most want to get in and out quickly, a tour on Google Street View could be the answer.

This could mean that folks are missing your location so you need a way to show them where you are and why they should visit. Even if you are by appointment only, you still should have a way for people to see and recognize where they are going.

Quick Tour

A quick tour is a group of just a few internal 360 photos (1-3) and 1 external 360 photo of your storefront. These are added to Google Street View and tied together as a tour. Then, this is linked to your business listing on Google Maps. Sometimes this is all you need if you are a small shop or a small take-out spot.

Sample Tour:

360 photography as a hobby can get pricey so charging a few bucks to help fund my hobby is a great way to help myself and help local businesses.

Quick Tour


1- 4 360 images linked to your business on Google Maps.

Large Tour


Up to 15 360 images linked to your business on Google Maps.

Home 360 Tour

$99 and up

Selling Your Home and need a 360 tour to show it off in your listing?

Local to Lethbridge, Alberta

Glenn is a Street View trusted photographer.


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about me

Up front, I am not a professional photographer but I was one for 15 years. 360 photography is a great hobby and I enjoy creating these tours. I only charge the amounts I do to help fund my hobby so if you are looking for services beyond what is on this page, let me know as I can recommend other local services.

That said, I still am dedicated to providing a great professional service at a great price for local businesses. Thank you for your interest!